Recent Project:

Our firm's most recent project has been the development of an Internet based real estate listing portal with Palmetto State Land and Home (PSL). Located in Florence South Carolina, Palmetto State Land has been a fixture in the community for years. The initial meeting with PSL ended with an understanding that the new design must produce a simple, yet elegant web presentation that allowed the client full control of their website and listing system. Furthermore, that system must be designed in such a way that it was flexible and able to reflect company growth in the future.


Why Carolina Web Group?

Superior Consultation:
When you contact Carolina Web Group, we begin a free consultation process known as the "Discovery Phase." During this consultation phase, our representatives will work with you and your company in order to determine what it will take in order to produce an Internet presence that reflects you and your product well. We understand that the end goal is successfully converting viewers on your website into paying customers and we specialize in finding a happy medium between beautiful web design and ease of use for your customers.

Expert Marketing Services:
Once we determine what website assistance you need we consult with the best seo consultant who will analyze your market and find new ways to optimize your site for organic traffic.  We only rely world renowned seo experts who have proven, ethic work history.   

Full access to your website:
Our customers all receive full access to their websites through our CWG Cpanel interface. This interface allows our customers to easily edit their website, access statistics programs to monitor the traffic on their website, create new email accounts under their .com name and much much more. Day to Day, Hour to hour, even minute to minute, your company will be able to monitor and react to the needs and desires of your customer base.

Personal Customer Support:
Once you are under the umbrella of Carolina Web Group, you'd be hard pressed to find a reason to leave. One of the reasons for this is our amazing customer support. We accomplish this by assigning a manager to each account under our control. This gives each customer a personal contact within our organization whom you can contact directly if you ever have questions or find yourself needing help with something on your website.

Unrestrictive Contracts:
Our contracts allow your company the freedom of movement that it needs in order to remain flexible with its web presence. Customers may cancel their service and move their website to a new host at any time if they choose to do so. Our customers retain full ownership and control over all portions of their web presence and receive a contractual agreement from CWG stating that their websites design will never be produced for resale by our company to any other customer or entity, ever.

Scalable Marketing Management:
Carolina Web Group is a full service internet marketing firm. We provide marketing tools, solutions and materials to customers who may or may not have an in house marketing sector. With CWG, you are able to maintain control over the portions of your marketing presence that you have the time and skills for in house and let our industry professionals take care of the rest. We are able to offer our customers everything from custom design of their marketing materials, to full management of their Internet marketing campaigns including advertising and budget allotment.

On site Training for your Employees:
We realize that many companies would eventually like to bring the management of their Internet marketing campaign in house. For this reason, we offer training services for any company who has staff that need to be brought up to speed on how to properly manage their marketing campaign or website. If your website happens to be built by Carolina Web Group you're in luck; if at all possible, we will send a trainer who worked on your project so that your staff are trained effectively, as well as efficiently by someone who was intimitely involved in the construction of your website.

All of our servers are hosted in a secure location under 24 hour surveillance and are protected by industry leading security features. You will be connected to your server space via a secure, 256 bit encryption to ensure the security of your transfers to and from the servers. With CWG, you can rest assured that we are doing our part to protect any data you place on our servers. With backups conducted weekly or more, CWG actively protects any customer from a massive data loss instance and provides lightning fast relaunching capabilities to ensure that if such a disaster ever occured, your company remains opperational.

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