Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Integration:
Social media networking and marketing is one of the best ways for your company to gain attention on the Internet. Carolina Web Group integrates your website with sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube so that you are able to reach out to these large audiences in a professional and effective manner with social media marketing.

Knowledge & Experience:
Gaining a potential customer's attention on social media can be a difficult task. Our staff are trained and experienced in the art of creating content that increases click through / share rates to and from your website. Our ultimate goal is increasing sales for your company and building your brand.

Effective Social Media Marketing and Networking:
Good social media marketing stems from good content generation and timely networking. There is a fine line between how much you can share on a site like Facebook before users begin to stop following your pages. Our staff are trained to create social media marketing campaigns that reach your audience in such a way that they welcome the information and share it with their friends.

Content Creation:
We understand that your company may not have time to generate fresh new content on a regular basis that can be shared on social media in order to gain attention in your products and brand. Carolina Web Group has published authors from both print and web venues, experienced photographers and video editors on staff to assist with any content creation your company may find itself in need of.

Full Circle Marketing Support at your fingertips:
Carolina Web Group is a full service internet marketing firm. We are able to guide our customers through consulting or management of their social media marketing campaigns. This includes management of advertising, content creation, email marketing, video advertising and more. Contact us for more information on services that you will have access to as a Carolina Web Group Customer.


Why Carolina Web Group?

Superior Consultation:
When you contact Carolina Web Group, we begin a free consultation process. During this consultation phase, our representatives will work with you and your company in order to determine what it will take in order to produce an Internet presence that reflects you and your product well. We understand that the end goal is successfully converting viewers on your website into paying customers and we specialize in finding a happy medium between beautiful web design and ease of use for your customers.

Scalable Marketing Management:
Carolina Web Group is a full service internet marketing firm. We provide marketing tools, solutions and materials to customers who may or may not have an in house marketing sector. With CWG, you are able to maintain control over the portions of your marketing presence that you have the time and skills for in house and let our industry professionals take care of the rest. We are able to offer our customers everything from custom design of their marketing materials, to full management of their Internet marketing campaigns including advertising and budget allotment.

On site Training for your Employees:
We realize that many companies would like to bring the management of their social media marketing campaign in house. For this reason, we offer training services for any company who has staff that need to be brought up to speed on how to properly manage their social media campaign or website. If your website happens to be built by Carolina Web Group you're in luck; if at all possible, we will send a trainer who worked on your project so that your staff are trained effectively, as well as efficiently by someone who was intimitely involved in the construction of your website.

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