Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Knowledge & Experience:
The majority of our staff members have been involved in optimizing websites and content for search engines and social media since 2005 or earlier.  We consult with the nation's leading seo experts, including award winning seo Scott Paxton. Over the years we have kept track of the process and the changes that these companies make in order to provide a better experience for their own users. One golden rule always remains true, a website with easily indexed and displayed content gains a significant advantage in the search engine rankings game because the search companies desire to present their users a better experience. If you are able to offer that experience, search engine companies are likely to list your page higher.

Complete Optimization:
Our search engine optimization process begins by updating image names, file names, page names, descriptions and anything else that we could potentially use to boost your ability to compete in the search engines. Every file you have is a potential hit in the search engines; if it is properly organized and cataloged, search engines find it easy to reach potential customers with your information.

Content Based Search Engine Optimization:
By far the best way to gain attention from users of search engines is to have relevant content to show in the first place. Our Search Engine Optimization begins by simply organizing and indexing your content so that a search engine is easily able to scan and catalog your website's data. We then develop a strategy for future content so that once your site makes it to the top, it stays on top!

Dialing it in:
Once we know exactly what you have, need to have and wish to have as far as content to show your users, we will be able to optimize each page for the best results in the search engines.

Ad word / Landing Page Optimization:
We are able to guide our customers through the process of conducting an Ad word campaign on sites such as Google or we can manage the process for you if you'd like. Upon request, we can optimize certain pages in order to produce the best chances for success during an Ad word Campaign.


Why Carolina Web Group?

Superior Consultation:
When you contact Carolina Web Group, we begin a free consultation process. During this consultation phase, our representatives will work with you and your company in order to determine what it will take in order to produce an Internet presence that reflects you and your product well. We understand that the end goal is successfully converting viewers on your website into paying customers and we specialize in finding a happy medium between beautiful web design and ease of use for your customers.

Full access to your website:
Our customers all receive full access to their websites through our CWG Cpanel interface. This interface allows our customers to easily edit their website, access statistics programs to monitor the traffic on their website, create new email accounts under their .com name and much much more. Day to Day, Hour to hour, even minute to minute, your company will be able to monitor and react to the needs and desires of your customer base.

Personal Customer Support:
Once you are under the umbrella of Carolina Web Group, you'd be hard pressed to find a reason to leave. One of the reasons for this is our amazing customer support. We accomplish this by assigning a manager to each account under our control. This gives each customer a personal contact within our organization whom you can contact directly if you ever have questions or find yourself needing help with something on your website.


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